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Posted on by Tony

The Future of WWII: The Card Game

After a great deal of consideration, we have decided to suspend our Kickstarter campaign for WWII: The Card Game for the time being. We have canceled the current project with an eye towards relaunching the project early in 2014. Kickstarter does not take any money from project backers until the project ends successfully, so there are no negative consequences for those who backed our project.

Deciding to cancel the project was not an easy decision, but we think it was necessary. We felt that due to a variety of factors this project would not reach its goal, so it would be best to cancel it now so that our backers could use their pledge money elsewhere. We want to thank all of our backers very much for your support. We couldn’t have gotten as far as we did without you!

This is not to say that WWII: The Card Game is dead. We still believe that we have an excellent game and that if more people knew about it, they would enjoy playing it. The goal with the relaunch will be to do more to spread the word about the game so that we can reach our project goal with the next campaign. We will be working hard between now and the relaunch to do all we can to make the next try a success, but we are always open to ideas and suggestions from those interested in the game, so we would like to get your feedback on what you would like to see for the next campaign. What would you like to see done differently next time around? What expectations did you have for the campaign that were not met? What do you think could be improved about the game or the campaign to make it appeal to more people? (more…)

Revised rulebook available now

We are pleased to announce that we have uploaded a new and improved version of the rulebook for WWII: The Card Game (on Kickstarter now). You can download the updated rulebook here. (more…)

International shipping is here!

It’s finally here: international shipping! For those of you from around the globe that have been waiting to get your pledge in for WWII: The Card Game, the time has come. The SWIFT LEVEL offers shipping anywhere in the world! Get those pledges in today and let’s see if we can have one of our best days of pledges yet! (more…)

Demo WWII: The Card Game at BGG.CON all this week!

BoardGameGeek.CON starts tomorrow, and we’re going to be there! We will be busy demoing WWII: The Card Game in the Open Gaming Ballroom for much of the convention. Leave a comment, contact us, or just look for us in our Fanfare Games t-shirts if you want to give the game a try. Hope to see you there!

Captains of Industry

Though you can now read the full WWII: The Card Game rulebook, we wanted to discuss on the blog the resource system we developed for use in the game for a couple of reasons: (more…)