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Basketball G.M. is a card game that puts you in the shoes of the General Manager of your own basketball franchise. It is up to you to put together a winning team through a fantasy-style draft and take that team to the championship. Choose your coach, set your lineup, pick your game strategy, and trade for that missing piece, all while juggling injuries, suspensions and team chemistry.

Each game begins with a fantasy draft, either auction style or through a “pick and pass” method. Once your team is assembled, the season begins. Put the best lineup you can on the court and use their abilities and skills to fuel your run towards the playoffs. Each game turn represents several weeks of a basketball season. You make progress towards the playoffs by having the best collection of players on any given turn, along with 1-3 dice as a random factor representing player performance, and the teams that perform the best over the course of the season face off for the championship.

After the draft, you can still improve your team through the course of the season by trading with other GMs or through the trade block. The trade block is a unique auction aspect of Basketball G.M. in which GMs try to put together the most enticing trade offers for players from the player pool. Because only a fraction of the players in the game will be available for the initial draft, there will still be a lot of talent to acquire over the course of the season.