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Revised rulebook available now

Posted on by Tony

We are pleased to announce that we have uploaded a new and improved version of the rulebook for WWII: The Card Game (on Kickstarter now). You can download the updated rulebook here. We received lots of great feedback from those who have read the rulebook on how we could improve it and make the game easier to learn, and we are confident that we accomplished those goals with this revision. There are no rules changes in this revision, but we have done some reorganization, added examples with illustrations for the primary game concepts, and modified the layout to make it easier to read. We’d love to get your feedback on the rulebook, what you like about it, what you would like to see changed, and how well you think it explains the game.

Download the rulebook now!

Note: You may need to clear your cache if you have downloaded the rulebook previously. The latest version will be 28 pages (up from 15 for the previous version).

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