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The Future of WWII: The Card Game

Posted on by Tony

After a great deal of consideration, we have decided to suspend our Kickstarter campaign for WWII: The Card Game for the time being. We have canceled the current project with an eye towards relaunching the project early in 2014. Kickstarter does not take any money from project backers until the project ends successfully, so there are no negative consequences for those who backed our project.

Deciding to cancel the project was not an easy decision, but we think it was necessary. We felt that due to a variety of factors this project would not reach its goal, so it would be best to cancel it now so that our backers could use their pledge money elsewhere. We want to thank all of our backers very much for your support. We couldn’t have gotten as far as we did without you!

This is not to say that WWII: The Card Game is dead. We still believe that we have an excellent game and that if more people knew about it, they would enjoy playing it. The goal with the relaunch will be to do more to spread the word about the game so that we can reach our project goal with the next campaign. We will be working hard between now and the relaunch to do all we can to make the next try a success, but we are always open to ideas and suggestions from those interested in the game, so we would like to get your feedback on what you would like to see for the next campaign. What would you like to see done differently next time around? What expectations did you have for the campaign that were not met? What do you think could be improved about the game or the campaign to make it appeal to more people?

We are also considering giving the game and its components a cosmetic overhaul based on feedback we’ve received from a number of potential backers, and we would like to get your feelings on this as well. Please answer the question below by choosing the answer that best fits your opinion, and feel free to elaborate on your answer if you like. We do not yet have examples of how the new look would appear, so this question is more about your feelings about the current look of the game.

How would you feel about a significant change to the look of the game and its components?
A) I would like to see significant changes made to the look of the game.
B) I would not mind significant changes to the look of the game, but do not think they are necessary.
C) I would prefer not to have the look of the game changed, but would still back the project if changes were made.
D) I would not back the project if the look of the game changed significantly.
E) I want to see what the alternative looks like before making a decision.

While we are busy working to get the game ready for a relaunch, we want to give you all the opportunity to play the game, so we are releasing print-and-play files for the entire Premiere set! (Note: we are still working on finding images for some of the cards.) You can find the PDFs here.

We hope that you will enjoy playing the game while we get prepared for a relaunch, and will encourage others to play it with you. We know that people will enjoy the game if they try it, so we need you to be our ambassadors for the game to give others the chance to play it. We encourage you to share your play experiences on our Facebook page and the game’s page (and become a fan while you’re there).

Thank you again to everyone who has helped support us during this process, and thank you for your continued support. With supporters like you, we will make WWII: The Card Game a success!

Tony and Chris Fanchi
Fanfare Games

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